Sportbot tennis robot: A personal experience and Technical review

Recently, I had the chance to test the Sportbot tennis robot, an advanced training tool designed to replicate the dynamics of a human opponent. This review combines my personal experience with technical insights, leveraging my background in engineering and technical components of the tennis game. 

Sportbot - a moving ball machine

The Sportbot is a moving tennis ball machine developed by engineer and tennis player Toni Ulcar in Slovenia.

My friend Henrik Wallensten alerted me about this moving ball machine and sent me a video. That got me curious, so I got in touch with Toni and asked him if he wanted to do a podcast about his invention. And today, the podcast is live, and you can hear Toni talk about the Sportbot, the origin story, what makes it different, and more.


Innovation that is changing the game

The covid-19 epidemic has brought many challenges and constraints, but difficult conditions tend to create the best conditions for innovation. This was also the case with Toni Ulčar, then still a student of mechanical engineering and an enthusiastic tennis player. It all started when he didn’t have a partner to play with due to restrictions and started testing the tennis rackets that were on the market at the time.