How to Turn Non-Peak Hours into Profit

Unravel the Mystery Behind Empty Courts

As a tennis club owner,
you know how frustrating it can be
to have hours during the day with empty courts.

It seems like there’s never enough revenue streams
to fully utilize your tennis club’s potential
to grow the revenue consistently.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly not helped matters.
And on top of that, rising energy and heating costs, coupled with an overall inflation,
have made being a tennis club owner even more challenging.

But what if I told you that there’s a solution that can help you fill those empty courts and turn
those non-peak hours into profitable hours?

Meet Sportbot

the world's first moving tennis ball machine.

Tennis ball machine

This innovative technology has been revolutionizing the tennis industry by offering a unique solution to tennis players who are looking to practice more often and more efficiently than their competition.

It’s for those tennis players for whom you have tremendous respect for.
Because of their commitment,
because of their dedication. 
Because they take the challenge head on.
Because they have ambitious goals.
Because they aren’t afraid to chase their dreams.

With Sportbot,
tennis players can have a hitting partner
that’s always available,
plays at the level they determine,
and has consistent tennis strokes without ever getting tired.

But how can this help you, as a tennis club owner, turn those non-peak hours into profitable hours?

It’s simple.
Tennis players who are looking to progress faster than their competition but don’t have a human opponent to play with, can rent out the court during non-peak hours and get a Sportbot to practice with.

Sportbot can help those players…
…who believe that tennis is not just about technique.

Sportbot can help them practice their positioning on the court, and help them master their tactics.

Sportbot can help players to withstand the pressure and dissapointment after performing a badly executed stroke…

In fact it’s perfect for players that want to simulate the thrill of…
…the mind games played with their real human opponent.

It’s for tennis players that understand
that tennis is like chess.

And that in order to achieve the next level of their game they have to improve all aspects of it.

Sportbot can help those tennis players practice alone and get the repetition they need to improve in all aspects of their game. From mastering smash, lob, back-hand to building the emotional and psychological resilience of competing.

I believe,
that those players are willing to pay
for the time slot during non-peak hours
just because they’ll be able to practice and become better. Faster.

And with Sportbot,
they’ll have a unique and innovative experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

So don’t let those non-peak hours go to waste.
Take advantage of the innovative technology of Sportbot and turn those empty courts into profitable hours.

Yours Sincerely,





You can learn more about my story and the instructions on how to order the Sportbot for your tennis club by clicking here.


You can learn more about my story and the instructions on how to order the Sportbot for your tennis club by clicking here.

Tennis player with a tennis ball machine